16 Oz Firwein Trade Mark Alcohol 15% The Tilden Company Pharmicists and Chemists New Lebanon, N.Y and St. Louis, Mo. Established 1848 Incorporated 1893 Firwein Alcohol 15 Per Cent Expectorant ‘ Sedative ‘ Anti Spasmodic. A palatable preparation of abies balsamea pleasantly and effectively blended with the salts of Iodine and Bromine, held in solution with 15 per cent Alcohol. It may be given when Cod Liver Oil is indicated, and associated with it, thus forming a convenient and agreeable vehicle for the administration of the latter and it will be found to promote the efficiency of the oil. Dose ‘ One to two teaspoonfuls before meals, or oftener, though regulated by age or condition.

The word ‘bromide’ has come to mean ‘a commonplace remark or notion; platitude,’ or a ‘tiresome person; bore,’ due to its status as one of the first sedatives in the Western pharmacoepia.