4 Fld. Ozs. No. 129 Fluid Extract Kola N.F. 5th Edition The Dried Cotyledons of Cola Nitid(‘) Standard: 0.85 to 1.(‘) Gm. Of Caffeine per 100 cc. Average Dose- 1 fluiddrachm (4 cc.) To prepare syrup, non-official Rx Fluid Extract’4 fld ozs. (120 cc.) Syrup’12 fld ozs. (360 cc.) Mix. John Wyeth & Brother Incorporated Philadelphia

Kola nut is a potent natural source of caffeine. John Pemberton, an Atlanta chemist, began selling ‘French Wine Cola,’ a cocaine wine, in 1885. Perhaps due to prohibitionist pressures, he substituted kola extract for the wine and changed the name to ‘Coca-Cola’ an intellectual beverage and temperance drink.’ It contained the ‘valuable tonic and nerve stimulant properties of the coca plant and cola (or kola) nuts.’